Portland needs solutions that work for everyone

Portland is a wonderful city. But we’ve got a lot to do to make sure things are working for everyone who lives here. Felicia has spent the last decade engaged with her neighbors, fellow Portlanders, and Portland City government to help find solutions for some of our biggest problems. Felicia brings a real world understanding to the issues we face, with an eye toward using our existing resources more efficiently and effectively.

So let’s do it: let’s work together to make Portland the truly great city that it can be.

Portland House for Sale


Portlanders deserve stable, affordable housing and a City Council that prioritizes this need. Portland is in critical need of more workforce and fixed-income housing for seniors and people with disabilities. We must prioritize housing options that most Portlanders can actually use.

Joggers on Hawthorne Bridge




The City must provide an adequate level of public safety services that protect and serve residents appropriately.  Let’s ensure our public safety officers are given the tools they need, while maintaining the accountability we expect. Our public safety policy needs to be about more than just law enforcement.

Earthquake Scale


Let’s modernize our emergency management infrastructure, so natural disasters don’t become another lesson in inequity. It’s time to get serious about preparing our city.  Implementing broader early warning systems and utilizing public-private partnerships to create neighborhood and community safety plans will ensure we are ready when the "Big One" hits.

Portland City Hall



There are places in city government that can be more efficient and effective. Everything from permitting issues to public safety complaints can be a bureaucratic nightmare for a lot of residents. We can make our city bureaus work more efficiently and effectively for everyone.  When we connect residents to actual people who know how to address their issue, it’s a much more helpful process.


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