Portland needs solutions that work for everyone

Portland is a wonderful city. But we’ve got a lot to do to make sure things are working for everyone who lives here. Felicia has spent the last decade engaged with her neighbors, fellow Portlanders, and Portland City government to help find solutions for some of our biggest problems. Felicia brings a real world understanding to the issues we face, with an eye toward using our existing resources more efficiently and effectively.

So let’s do it: let’s work together to make Portland the truly great city that it can be.

Felicia Debating Other Candidates at CityLove Roundtable

Portland House for Sale

Housing is a basic human need.

Joggers on Hawthorne Bridge

Homelessness: Balancing our compassion with common sense.

Earthquake Scale

The best way to survive an earthquake is to prepare for it.

Portland City Hall

Everyone has a right to feel safe in Portland.


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